Event and Meeting Space in Saratoga Springs | Pavilion Grand Hotel

August 14, 2014 by admin

The Pavilion Grand Event and Meeting Space

On the fifth floor of the Pavilion Grand resides the private rooftop event space. Created to be a ‘blank slate”, this 1200 square foot area is completely customizable and includes two outdoor terraces that further it’s already impressive ability to entertain . With the rental of this space comes full access to your own personal 70’ MondoPad, which acts as a computer or whiteboard. The MondoPad gives one the capability to view slide shows, host web and video conferences, play music and execute many more exceedingly convenient functions. Other amenities such as a private bathrooms and warming kitchen with access to the full kitchen of Mingle on the Avenue also come together to make being intricately efficient, extremely simple for this venue.

Exclusive catering rights to this site are held by our local and in-house saratoga springs restaurant, Mingle on the Avenue. This unique culinary restaurant boasts an international cuisine that meets an American bistro style menu and is well equipped to handle every palate. With mixologists readily available as well, Mingle also has the ability to offer specialized drink options to suit any occasion.

The event space at the Pavilion Grad Hotel is truly rare and features two rooftop terraces, both professionally landscaped. The South Terrace offers guests a respite with casual furniture, fire pit, tables and views of a historically elegant Saratoga Springs. With the grandeur of picturesque classic Victorian chimneys as well as Congress Park, this space is like no other in Saratoga Springs or the surrounding area. The North Terrace contains an inviting area to gather and relax while overlooking Lake Avenue and treating guests to views of the historic Armory all the way up to Broadway. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can overlook it all through 4 sets of French doors in the elegant spaciousness of the Pavilion Room.

To add the unexpected to breaks or experiences in the Pavilion Room, look to our locally operated spa “All Good Things…” which is located in one of the Pavilion lobby’s. Offering full spa services, all good things… can bring minute massage’s up to the event space, or compliment any break with fresh pressed juices.