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October 14, 2014 by admin

First Night in Saratoga

The celebration of First Night in Saratoga has been around for quite some time. Every year people come by the thousands on New Year’s to be a part of the memories that only Saratoga can provide. This event includes a wide variety of different activities and attractions including live music, magic shows, comedy acts and even fireworks. The beginning of the New Year is a great time to have some fun, start trying new things and making new memories. This is an occasion that brings everyone together to start the New Year off right!

New Year’s Eve actually has a very long, rich history that most people are not aware of however. The tradition was first recorded around 4,000 years ago in the age of the Babylonians. Their celebration occurred in late March however on the day that had an equal amount of sunlight and darkness. The Babylonians would have a festival known as Akitu which consisted of different rituals and lasted for 11 days. Throughout the ages this great celebration has changed and adapted into new meanings according to the culture celebrating it. One might say that the Roman celebration of New Year’s might be the closest to what is seen today however.

The Roman calendar actually had gotten out of sync with the sun so Julius Caesar chose to make an executive decision and make January 1st the first day of the year. On this day The Romans focused their celebration on Janus, the God of new beginnings, who had the ability to look back into the past as well as look forward into the future. It is interesting to note that in current times we look back on the previous year as well as look forward and hope for an even better year going forward. It was during this day that the Romans would celebrate by giving gifts to one another, using laurel branches to decorate their homes and also attending some rowdy parties and enjoying themselves with friends and family.

Fast forward to more recent times and the differences seen are actually quite small. Now houses are decorated with lights and Christmas trees with ornaments instead of houses with branches. We still exchange gifts with each other and, let’s be honest, still probably enjoy an extra drink with friends and family. It is the one time of year that everyone comes together, helps others out and forgets about all the bad things going on with the sole purpose of remembering all of the blessings that we have been given. Saratoga aims to resurrect the original idea of New Years. This time of year only comes around once and it goes fast so don’t miss out on the combination of great people, great venues as well as the old Saratoga mixing with the new Saratoga.