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August 11, 2014 by admin

Where can you get Hennessy and Remy Martin rare cognacs? Only in Mingle on the Avenue at Pavilion Grand Hotel!

A feeling of exclusivity and excitement is something that is sought after by many. Lots of people buy certain items, do certain activities and go specific places with a select group of people in order to maintain an aura that distinguishes them significantly from others. Restaurants do this as well because in creating an atmosphere of exclusivity, you immediately rise to the top of the “A-List” hangouts of an area.

Mingle on the Avenue is striving to do just this by introducing new services and products that are unique only to them. As if mixologists behind the custom light bar and a variety of dishes that are distinctly different from any other restaurants was not enough, they have just brought in something more. Mingle has now become the exclusive owner of limited edition Hennessy and Remy Martin Cognacs that cannot be found anywhere else in the Northeast. This ever sought after French brand of cognac is best selling in the United States as well as Europe and is smoothly sophisticated like no other.

Remy Martin Louis XIII


Each bottle of this rare cognac is put into a unique decanter that consists of hand blown crystals with a neck decorated in 24 karat gold. As if its presentation is not enough, once it has been opened, eau de vies aged up to 100 years can be found tastefully hidden inside.

Hennessy Paradis Imperial

Hennessy Imperial

Paradis imperial cognac was created in 2011 by Master Blender Yann Fillioux. Underneath the sleek aesthetics of this decanter lie a labyrinth of flavor that intertwines together with a “faultless finesse” to make sure that every drop is savored and enjoyed completely.

Hennessy Paradis

Hennessy Paradis Extra offered by Mingle on the Avenue at Pavilion Grand Hotel
Hennessy Paradis Extra offered by Mingle on the Avenue at Pavilion Grand Hotel

Containing more than 100 different eaux de vie and aged up to 130 years, this cognac is best described as “velvety, seductive and sensual”. Engineered to have a soft feel, Paradis also boasts a hint of berries while still having a signature spice that is sure to mystify the palate time and time again

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