A Perfect City Escape

June 11, 2015 by susanne

It is no doubt that advances in transportation are shaping the future. New methods of travel that utilize

all kinds of innovative technology are being created daily. Not only has the amount of time it

takes to travel from location to location become quicker, but the sheer number of locations available to get

to has risen significantly. That being said, this is the one mode of transportation that enables you to see

the countryside like no other and experience the Northeast in a way that cannot be matched. Sit back,

relax and enjoy the ride while you work, sleep, enjoy company of friends, or just take in the scenery.

The Pavilion Grand Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Saratoga Springs, just 1.5 miles or $7.00 cab

fare, from the train station and walking distance to everything else Saratoga has to offer, has just

announced a new package deal through New York by Rail with Amtrak! Amtrak is responsible for the

running of roughly 300 trains per day to over 500 different locations throughout 21,000 miles of railway

in 46 states. Founded in 1971, this company has serviced the travel needs for business and pleasure of

countless people and continues to move forward doing so. They are introducing new technology to try

and make travel more and more efficient, even though traveling by train is already more energy efficient

than by airline or car. Traveling by train is something that has declined in recent years, however, Amtrak

plans to stop this by proving the efficiency that can be achieved with the use of trains as well as by

adding more locations to make getting to the places we need to go easier than ever; for example,

linking Saratoga Springs and NYC with a door-to-door commute in just under 4 hours.

The trip by train from the New York City area to upstate New York has been described as one of the

most beautiful and scenic trips by train in all of the northeast. Trains offer a mode of travel that is up to

the times yet linked back with the beginning of mass transit: historic yet modern. Relax in the comfort

of your train car and let us show the beauty and relaxation, that only Saratoga Springs can offer. “Escape

and excite the senses” are the words from Pavilion Grand Hotel's General Manager, Susanne Simpson. This new

package has the ability to show people New York in all of its natural beauty in a way they never have

before, and maybe even have an amazing getaway to one of the most picturesque areas in all of the

Northeast. Ask about the Amtrak, New York by Rail, special offer and book your escape today!