The Polar Express Story

November 25, 2015 by john

Written by Ryan Simpson

It's that time of year again! Cold air moving in and the smell of fresh pine all around us. The holiday season always seems to create a sense of awe and wonder that just can't be found at any other time of year. Families come together and get that quality time that doesn't always come easy. When you think of the holiday season, what are some of the activities and traditions that we've become accustomed to? Baking cookies, cuddling by the fire and Christmas movies!

Christmas movies have been the fuel to our festive, holiday cheer! Those classic Claymation films have been warming our hearts for years and years, and it really is the kids Christmas movies that give us the sense of wonder and magic that we felt as a child. One movie that specifically generates these holiday feelings is The Polar Express.

The Polar Express is about a young boy named Billy who takes the journey of a lifetime with the help of the magical Polar Express train and its conductor. Throughout the journey, many things happen that could ruin the trip, but eventually everyone makes it to the North Pole to watch Santa Claus give the “first gift of Christmas”. Billy receives one of the bells off of Santa’s reindeer and attempts to take it home but loses it on the way. He goes to sleep having lost hope and thinking everything was a dream until he finally sees one last present under the tree. It just so happens that the present is from Santa! He rings the bell and both him and his sister can hear it, however the parents cannot and think it is broken. Eventually, the ringing even dies out for Billy’s sister, however Billy never stops believing in the wonder of Christmas and what it represents.

This story is one that teaches us all to never stop believing in things that we want even though they may not be seen always. The Polar Express it is without a doubt a must see over the holidays! The Pavilion Grand has decided to utilize the vision and meaning behind this movie and is now offering the a special package deal with The Saratoga North Creek Railway! Book your tickets for the Polar Express first, and extend your trip to Saratoga Springs for the night or, better yet, two! Enjoy a stroll through town and dinner at Circus Café located within a short walk of the hotel.

After the train ride, continue your evening with hot cocoa and room service from one of Santa's Special Helpers! Enjoy an evening of relaxation and family fun within the comforts of your oversized hotel suite that will feel just like home while you read the Polar Express book and indulge in your room service of cookies and milk. In the morning, enjoy breakfast at our in house French patisserie TC Paris, located in the Pavilion Place lobby of Pavilion Grand Hotel. Get lost in the moment and the memories with this easy-to-plan Christmas present for the whole family.

It's important to remember what the holiday season is all about and to enjoy it with the ones that you love. It's a time that only comes once a year and it's magic cannot be rivaled. The Pavilion Grand wants to remind everyone what the Holiday’s are all about and our special Polar Express package will do just that for you and the entire family this Christmas!