West Coast Meets East Coast at the Pavilion Grand

July 21, 2014 by admin

Aside from its historical roots, Saratoga Springs is also very chic and trendy. There are constantly new ideas and styles being introduced and perpetuated by the businesses and the people that populate this area. The Pavilion Grand Hotel aims to bring the West Coast to Saratoga in an effort to further propel the unique flares of contemporary elegance that already exist.

Mingle on the Avenue located in the Lake Avenue lobby of Pavilion Grand Hotel articulates this West Coast ideal by introducing mixologists as bartenders. These connoisseurs specialize in cocktail creation. Simply describe a few different things that you enjoy and they will concoct a drink from scratch that suits your fancy. The mixologists are also equipped with phone chargers of varying models to be used on outlets strategically placed in front of the bar top seating area. In addition to the mixologist, a guest can enjoy a full menu and array of International items to blend in with the West Coast theme. Dishes such as Chap Chae or Korean Style Bulgokee help this menu boast a style of cuisine that few can match.

All good things… a boutique spa and juice bar is located in the Pavilion Place lobby of Pavilion Grand Hotel. With different juices and smoothies to help promote healthy lifestyles as well as weekly specials like the “Off to the Races”, there’s always something new to try. They recently have introduced the Infrared Heating Blanket to the Northeast New York area. This is a very new trend on the West Coast that has many health benefits including weight loss, increased metabolism, lymphatic drainage, improved immunity and soft tissue healing. Stop by the Pavilion Grand Hotel and indulge in all of the new trends!